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Our Services

Ace Billiards has been Minnesota's leading service professionals since 1972. Specializing in the highest quality of service for all pool tables. We treat all pool tables we work on like it's our own.




Ace Billiards offers a wide range of moving services. Our crews can disassemble, transport locally or outstate, reinstall, dolly and leveling of all 3-piece slate pool tables.

No 1pc slate tables or 1 1/2" slate tables.


Ace Billiards offers 22 colors of billiard cloth in stock to choose from.Championship Invitational cloth is the #1 selling home billiard cloth in the world. All of our Championship cloth comes with Dupont Teflon coating for added durability and stain protection.

For the Tournament or league player we offer Simonis cloth with a wide variety of colors. Simonis cloth has more of a true ball roll but it is more expensive,  if your playing as often as league or tournaments  the extra cost maybe an option for you.

Cushion Replacement

Pool tables can show age over the years,  Ace Billiards can revive them. We offer rubber replacement, the best time to replace rubber is when the cloth is being replaced to be cost effective.


The industry has 2 ways of checking if your rail rubber has gone bad. 1) Roll the ball, if the ball does not bounce more than 4 rails the cushion might need replacement. 2) Using your thumb push straight in on the nose of the cushion, if your cushion is rock hard or gummy, then the cushions may need to be replaced. If the rail rubber is sagging but the rubber is still in good shape the cushion needs to be re-glued. Saggy rubber only happens when someone or something has been put on top of the rail resulting in the rubber coming unglued (no sitting on the pool table).

There is no need for the customers to bring the cushions to Ace Billiards, we come prepared with the most common cushions on the current market in our repair truck. This also helps keep the cost and labor down for our customer's.

Disassemble & Install


Whether you're moving, remodeling, new carpet or

fire / water damage.

Ace Billiards offers services to remove all 3-piece slate pool tables for storage onsite or offsite. We also offer storage at Ace Billiards warehouse and crating for long distance moves.

Moving or buying: Ace Billiards offers Installation of all new or used 3-piece slate pool tables since 1972.

Be assured the quality of all Ace Billiards services with a

1 year labor Guarantee!

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